Vent Fitness


We are not your regular gym. VENT Fitness is a results-based gym and fitness center. that inspires members to reinVENT themselves through a commitment to health, fitness and hard work. We’re not a place of intimidation and we’re not about excuses or watered-down workouts, either. At VENT Fitness we offer stronger programming, access to world-class amenities and smaller class sizes. We’re as committed to your workout as you are.

This is fitness reinVENTed. And it will change your life.

At VENT Fitness, we believe in the Power of 3. We utilize three key principles in reinVENTing your fitness: Educate, Exercise and Energize. That means from initial sign-up to your E3 experience and your day-to-day workout regimen, VENT Fitness is there for every step of your reinVENTion.


This isn’t about the number you saw on your bathroom scale this morning, it’s about taking action to create a healthier life through proper movement and nutrition, backed by the support and coaching you need to stay with it. VENT Fitness staff and trainers will get you through a well-rounded, hands-on fitness program. Whether you’ve never worked out before or you’re an experienced athlete, there’s something to be earned here if you’re willing to put in the work.

VENT Fitness was founded on a commitment to provide the Capital District a sustainable health club with the amenities for every stage of your reinVENTion.

There are 4 clubs in the Capital District – find yours here.

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